3|D Orthodontic Records


The Orthodontic Records are the very first step in the patient’s orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic Diagnostic Record is an evaluation and diagnostic tool that Dr. Patel uses to determine the patients orthodontic needs and designing a customized treatment plan(s). The Diagnostic Records provides additional diagnostic data is not always revealed by a visual clinical examination.

Diagnostic records are made to document the patient’s orthodontic problem and to help determine the best course of treatment. As orthodontic treatment will create many changes, these records are also helpful in determining progress of treatment with post-treatment records taken to evaluate the final treatment outcomes and making any other treatment recommendations.


At the first visit, a set of diagnostic records will be taken to determine the nature of your problem and what can be done to correct that problem. After processing and analyzing those records, we will meet with you for a consultation appointment to discuss your treatment options. The following explains the individual records that may be taken and what their purpose is:

3|D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (Cone Beam CT):

Our office features the new advanced State-of-the-Art i-CAT FLX V17 Cone Beam 3D Imaging. The Cone-beam Computed tomography systems (CBCT) are a variation of the traditional computed tomography (CT) systems.  The award-winning and industry-trusted Cone Beam 3D imaging can capture all initial records in a single, ultra low-dose scan that takes only 4.8 seconds.  The 3D Imaging helps us in diagnosing orthodontic concerns and treatment planning.  This dynamic imaging system offers maximum field of view (FOV) with the options to scale or collimate the scan to capture only the area of interest per the patient’s needs.

3|D Intra-Oral Digital Scanner with Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Our Digital Scanner uses the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that  produces highly accurate and high quality digital impressions that lets us record the patient’s own movements highlighting the static and dynamic contact points to assess the patient’s Dynamic Occlusion.  Our complete 3|D Digital Intra-Oral Scan takes about less than 2 minutes – no goovy materials in the mouth and no gagging!

Digital Photography:

We use advanced digital photography camera system, which gives us instant documentation of your dental and facial relationships. We use Advanced Digital Imaging Software, a FDA-cleared Class II medical device, which allows us to illustrate changes you might anticipate and want to occur or not.  Frontal, profile, and other photographs are part of the overall work-up of the case. These facial pictures serve as visual aids for bony and soft tissue analysis so that the facial aspects of treatment can be thoroughly evaluated. Photographs of the teeth will also be taken to provide an accurate record of the mouth at the time treatment begins.

3|D Software Applications and Treatment Planning Software:

Our office uses the award winning Tx Studio Software with supporting applications.  Designed exclusively for i-CAT with Anatomage, Tx Studio leverages the best in anatomy imaging software and cone beam technology.  From Orthodontic Treatment planning to Airway Analysis to TMJ evaluation, this comprehensive software solutions provides a wide array of tools that help us plan simple to advanced cases efficiently and with greater accuracy.

Treatment Conference:

Dr. Patel will study these records to determine how the teeth and the jaw bones are positioned and will finalize your customized complete orthodontic treatment plan(s) for your individual case based on your face, teeth, jaw position and optimal esthetic solutions.  We will schedule a treatment plan conference to discuss the orthodontic treatment findings and any treatment recommendations. We encourage you, your spouse or the parent(s) of the minor child, to attend the treatment conference appointment.

We believe in patient communication that is plain and in simple terms that our patients have really appreciated! We educate our patients about orthodontics, orthodontic findings, treatment recommendations, long term goals and considerations before starting the orthodontic treatment. After all, we believe in an educated patient is our important asset.