Damon System

Dr. Patel is a Damon Premier Provider (A key Damon Doctor with an outstanding level of Damon System experience) using the Damon System for over 18 years.  With the Damon System, we don’t just align teeth; we create beautiful smiles.

The Damon Braces Difference

Damon Braces Bracket

Damon Braces

The Damon System utilizes a patented slide mechanism to connect archwires to the bracket while allowing the wire to move freely. The Damon System reduces friction and improves oral hygiene by eliminating elastic ties.

Traditional Braces Bracket

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces use elastic ties to hold archwires in place. Unfortunately, elastic ties create friction which can slow treatment down. Elastics ties have also been shown to collect harmful bacteria.


While treatment time can vary, the Damon System has been proven to treat faster and require fewer appointments than traditional braces.

Light force, high-technology, shape-memory wires move teeth more efficiently, reducing office visits and treatment times to help you better manage your busy schedule.


Damon Braces’ innovative approach to orthodontics is more comfortable than conventional braces.

Light, gentle forces

That’s because the Damon System’s advanced technology uses light, gentle forces to move teeth to their correct positions more freely and more comfortably.

Reduced need for elastic ties

Conventional braces use elastics to tie the wire into the bracket which causes friction and pressure, making treatment slower and less comfortable.

Fewer tooth extractions or expanders

Damon doctors can now treat most cases without extractions, the removal of healthy teeth, or the use of headgear or palatal expanders to make space. These are more often required with traditional treatment and can be uncomfortable.


The light, gentle forces used by the Damon System promote efficient tooth movement and help improve oral health by preserving tooth roots. Lighter forces also help prevent undue gum recession and tooth loss.

The elastic ties of traditional braces have been proven to attract and collect plaque and bacteria. Because it does not require elastic ties, the Damon System helps improve oral hygiene and protect gum health.

The Damon Smile:

The Damon System gives you a broader smile than conventional braces, the type of smile preferred by more adults. The Damon System’s broad arch smile reduces dark triangles at your mouth’s corners and improves overall facial profile which may even help provide a more youthful look!

CARRIERE SLX 3D Bracket System 

Our office now offers the latest Complete Carriere SLX 3D Self-Ligating Bracket System with clear ceramic esthetic solutions.