Digital impressions with  artificial intelligence (AI)

3|D Intra-Oral Digital Scanner with Artificial Intelligence (AI):

TRIOS 3 in 1 Digital Impression Scanning at Rs 2100000/unit | Dental  Scanner | ID: 19980340948

Our Digital Scanner uses the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that  produces highly accurate and high quality digital impressions that lets us record the patient’s own movements highlighting the static and dynamic contact points to assess the patient’s Dynamic Occlusion.

 Our complete 3|D Digital Intra-Oral Scan takes about less than 2 minutes – no goovy materials in the mouth and no gagging!

With 3Shape Smile Design applications, we can design your future smile in minutes and show it on our 4K screen. With digital technology, we are able to order SureSmile Clear Aligners or Invisalign Aligners and Custom appliances with more precision and a faster turn around time.