Why Choose Us

“a place of high-tech orthodontic precision with a high touch patient driven service”.

Celebrating over 30 years of Orthodontics

Creating Exceptional Smiles – Providing Exceptional Experiences 

Our Mission

“To enhance the quality of the life of our patients by giving them beautiful smiles and attractive facial appearances.”


Dr. Patel has been shaping beautiful smiles for over 35 years. Dr. Patel will take into account YOUR UNIQUE FACIAL PROPORTIONS when aligning your teeth, bite and smile. In no time at all, you’ll see difference in your SMILE!

Dr. Patel has treated and continues to treat many of area’s finest Dentists, Physicians, their families and friends. Please ask your family dentist or your physician, who they trust to provide exceptional orthodontic care to their loved ones, their family and friends.

Personalized Care

Dr. Patel personally evaluates and treat each and every patient.  A Maple Lawn Orthodontics, you will be treated ONLY by Dr. Patel from the very first visit to until your treatment is completed. Each patient is treated with dignity and given personal care from Dr. Patel on every single patient visit Every patient gets a comprehensive orthodontic examination and a totally customized treatment plan designed specifically for each individual patient.  After we discuss your fully customized treatment plan(s) and educate our patients what to expect, we have the patient or the parents of the patient decide what they prefer considering the information that has been provided.

Exceptional Care

To care for our patients and help our patients achieve beautiful smiles with the very best in orthodontic care. We treat our patient and their families, just as we would want to be treated by using the latest and the very best in Orthodontics in a fun, loving and caring environment.   After all, we believe in “our patient’s smile is the reflection of our work“.


We believe in patient communication that is plain and in simple terms that our patients have really appreciated! We educate our patients about orthodontics before and during orthodontic treatment. After all, we believe in an educated patient is our important asset.

Our patient’s parents are educated about the treatment process at every step of the orthodontic treatment.  Parents have often told us that have learned a lot about the overall orthodontic treatment process as Dr. Patel discusses at each patient appointment what treatment will be done, what treatment was done and what are the anticipated outcomes.  

Friendly and Caring Staff

Every member of our professional staff is trained to strive in Excellence. Our experienced staff ensures that the orthodontic needs of our patients are met.  With this goal in our mind, our orthodontic team has a common goal – “Give our patients the beautiful smiles they deserve.

Each member of our staff endeavors to provide the absolute best orthodontic care to our patients. It simply doesn’t take long for our patients, parents or even guests to realize that we have a very friendly staff!  After all, we believe in “providing service with a smile”. We build friendship and long-term relationship! A fact that many of our patients or parents of patients often refer their relatives, friends and neighbors to us for orthodontic care – attests this long-term commitment.  Together, we resolve to build a partnership with our patients and their families and help achieve healthy and beautiful smiles!

Our Facility

Our facility is a reflection of our commitment to excellence in quality orthodontic care.  Dr. Patel believes it is his personal obligation to provide only the highest quality of orthodontic care in a safe and caring environment.  Our office is a place of high-tech orthodontic precision and with a high touch patient driven service“.