AIRWAY Analysis

Why is Airway important in Orthodontics?

A constricted airway can severely impact the growth and development of a child and should be considered when evaluating a child’s overall health. Dr. Patel, uses the State-Of-the-Art i-CAT imaging unit (3D cone beam CT) to take a CBCT scan and evaluate the airway of patients. If a child under the age of 12 has a constricted airway, Dr. Patel is able to initiate his airway protocol which takes advantage of the growth of the child to expand the airway. This can often prevent obstructive sleep apnea and improve overall health of a child.

With i-CAT Cone Beam CT, we can evaluate airway obstructions to help identify patients with an increased risk of a possible sleep disorder. 

For patients with suspect airway or sinus tissues, we can use Tx STUDIO software to review the 3D data and to reveal restricted airways and determine appropriate treatments with precise anatomical views and measurements. i-CAT is FDA cleared to provide sufficient and appropriate data from 3D volumes of the maxillofacial anatomical structures, including the airway, to aid in the treatment planning of patients with OSA.